Dental Savings Plan

How Does a Dental Savings Plan Work?

No Insurance?

Lack of dental insurance should never mean lack of quality dental care. That is why River Bluff Dental offers a special savings plan. This plan allows you to save on comprehensive preventive care and all other services, including cosmetic dentistry. It’s definitely something to smile about!!

How does it work?

Your annual membership fee will be based on your individual needs determined by your dental care team.  The plan expires one year from the purchase date and is non-refundable.

Preventive Maintenance


  • 2 visits per year = $400
  • 3 visits per year = $510
  • 4 visits per year = $610


  • 2 visits per year = $395 (Age 12 or younger)

What is included?

  • 2, 3 or 4 standard cleanings or periodontal maintenance
  • 2 oral exams (includes oral cancer screening)
  • 1 set of yearly x-rays (bitewings or full mouth, **excludes diagnostic x-rays)
  • 2 fluoride varnish applications (child only)

Additional Savings (Including Cosmetic Services)

  • Children and Adults under the age 60 will receive a courtesy savings of 20% on all other dental care services.
  • Adults age 60-79 receive a “Golden” 30% courtesy savings on all other dental care services.
  • Adults age 80 and above receive a “Platinum” 40% courtesy savings on all other dental care services


*Payment is due in full on the day of service to receive the savings discount. (Cash, check or credit card only, Care Credit is not accepted)

*RBD savings plan cannot be used in conjunction with ANY other dental insurance plan. 


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Expert Care

Many patients feel nervous about their dental visit, but our experts are changing that outlook. Dr. Palmer combines his knowledge and skills to provide world-class care. He uses expertise and compassion to give you the personalized experience YOU deserve!

Additional Availability

Making dentistry accessible to all families in our Bloomington community is what drives us every day. Our team makes it easier to care for your family’s health by offering convenient service hours, and reduced wait times.